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The Disorder concept of zib AdvanceDirective.

The Laterality concept of AnatomicalLocation.
CarePlan MaterialUsedCarePlan.activity.detail

Materials that should be used during a CarePlan activity.
CBB MMElement; Resource

The Maturity Model (MM) level assigned to the Clinical Building Block (CBB).
CodeSpecificationcode; Coding; string

Sometimes it is not possible to use the ValueSet from the functional description on the corresponding FHIR element. This is a common occurence when the FHIR element has datatype code and has a required binding with an incompatible FHIR core ValueSet. It can also happen when the FHIR element has a string or other non-coded datatype.

In this case, the FHIR element may be augmented with this extension to communicate the code from the functional description. This information should always be added to the normal use of the FHIR element to allow for maximum interoperability.
CommentResource; Resource.descendants()

This extension provides a generic method to extend profiles with a comment element.
InstructionsForUse.RepeatPeriodCyclicalScheduleMedicationRequest; MedicationDispense; MedicationAdministration; MedicationUse; Timing

The repeated period in a cyclical schedule (of one or more dosing instructions). A cyclic schedule is noted in days, the corresponding dosing duration is also in days.

The dosage instructions are interperted differently if RepeatPeriodCyclicalSchedule is present. Therorefore this extension is labeld a as a modifier extension.

Augment the Specimen.collection.bodySite concept with an indication of an abnormal morphology.

An extension to caputure the healthcare professional involved in the indication for use of the medical device implant.

An extension to caputure the healthcare organization involved in the indication for use of the medical device implant.

An extension to extend MedicationAdministration.dosage.rate[x] with a Range datatype to populate the minimumValue and maximumValue of AdministeringSpeed.

An extension to provide the date and time at which the medication was administered.

An extension to provide an indicator for a deviation from the medication or administration agreement.

An extension to provide an indicator of the exectution of a double check prior to the administration of certain medication.

An extension to provide the reason why the medication was not taken or administered or was taken or administered differently.

An extension to provide additional information that includes details on the structure of the agreement made that are relevant for pharmacovigilance and fulfillment by the pharmacist. This can be used e.g. to indicate that there was a conscious decision to deviate from the norm or that the agreement is to be structured in a certain way.

An extension to indicate if the medicine is used as outlined in the medication agreement.

An extension to reference the health professional that entered the medication agreement with the patient.
NursingIntervention ContributorIsRequesterCarePlan.contributor

An extension to mark a CareTeam.contributor in profile as the Requester of the CBB NursingIntervention.

This extension adds the concept BankInformation from the CBB Payer to the payor element of the Coverage resource. The extention contains contains all data elements of the BankInformation concept.

An extension to provide a textual description of the type of medication (including relevant properties of the composition and preparation method if possible), which is only used if no coded indication from the G Standard is available (historical data regarding magistral preparation which has been entered as free text instead of entering the substance codes).

An extension to specify the problem name. The extension can be seen as an addition to the ProblemName concept mapped to the code element.

The method used to perform this procedure.
RenderedDosageInstructionMedicationRequest; MedicationDispense; MedicationAdministration; MedicationUse; MedicationStatement

Pre-adopt of the .renderedDosageInstructions concept from the FHIR R5 medication resources. It provides a full representation of the dose of the medication included in all dosage instructions. To be used when multiple dosage instructions are included to represent complex dosing such as increasing or tapering doses.

An extension to provide the frequency of smoking/tobacco use. A fitting SNOMED code does not yet exist, which complicates the usage of Observation.component for holding the frequency qualifier. Therefore an extension is used.
StopTypeMedicationRequest; MedicationDispense; MedicationStatement

An extension to provide the manner in which medication is discontinued (temporary or definitive).

The duration of the interval in appropriate units of time (e.g. days or hours, etc.)
TimeInterval.PeriodMedicationRequest; MedicationDispense; MediationStatement

An extension to provide the StartDateTime and EndDateTime of CBB TimeInterval.

The AdvanceDirective concept of zib TreatmentDirective2.

The ReasonForEnding concept of zib TreatmentDirective2.

The SpecificationOther concept of zib TreatmentDirective2.

An extension to add a reference to CBB-MedicalDevice to in CBB-FunctionalOrMentalStatus that is modelled inline in CBB-TreatmentObjective.