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Data type Profiles


Address information includes data where a person resides (temporarily, permanently) or where a building is located.

An anatomical location specifies the location (e.g. foot) and laterality (e.g. left) of a body part.

Contact information that includes a person's telephone numbers.

Instructions for the use or administration of the medication, e.g. dose and route of administration. In the event of medication use, this is the pattern of use established by the patient or which the patient followed.

A person's official name information, including given names, last name and possibly the partner's last name.

The name normally used to address the person.
rn HealthProfessional ReferenceReference

A Reference datatype profile for referring CBB HealthProfessional from other CBB profiles. This datatype profile is used in various resource profiles and is never instantiated directly.

A time interval indicates the time between two moments in time. Interval can be defined by a start time and end time , start time and duration or duration and end time.