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Note: Work In Progress. Guide content is published immediately when written and may contain errors, incomplete text, inconsistent content etc.

Known current incomplete things:

  • narrative guide contents incomplete
  • example resources missing
  • example reosources stored in Simplifier may have inproper content.

Note: All the profiles defined in this Implementation Guide are based on the R4 version of the HL7® FHIR® specification.


An implementation guide for making use of HL7® FHIR® standard in Finnish Personal Health Record (PHR) context. Developed for the national My Kanta Pages PHR platform (later Finnish PHR platform).


This guide is designed for use by analysts and developers who require guidance on FHIR® resources, elements and specific extensions relative to the Finnish PHR platform. Users of this guide must be familiar with the details of the FHIR Specification and resource processing. This guide is not intended to be a tutorial on that subject.


This guide adheres to the following conventions:

  • The guide is constructed assuming the implementer has access to the FHIR Specification. Although some information from the standard is included in this implementation guide, much information from the standard has not been repeated here.
  • The guide is constructed assuming the implementer SHALL conform to the FHIR RESTful API


Kanta services include a national Kanta PHR platform. PHR data is citizen's own health related data such as results of measurements performed at home or data about medication consumed or otherwise being administered by the citizen.

The platform is a data repository for different self care solutions. Citizens will be able to produce, store and analyze the PRH data through various PHR applications developed by third parties (national and regional projects or by software vendors).

The Finnish PHR platform ensures that citizens have a secure, controlled and well maintained data management for personal health data as part of Kanta services. Data can be used only with patient’s consent.

The Finnish PHR platform is based on the standard HL7® FHIR® (HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). You can find more information about the standard from FHIR website. More information about the standard can be found at the official HL7 International web pages. Check out the HL7 International website. The sandbox and customer testing versions of the Finnish PHR platform are based on the R4 version of the FHIR specification. This nationally defined implementation guide and the resource profiles have been developed in collaboration with HL7 Finland and HL7 Finland’s Personal Health SIG. Interested parties are invited to join HL7 Finland Personal Health Special Interest Group (HL7 Finland PH SIG). Read more about the PH SIG group from HL7 website.

The national Finnish PHR data model based on FHIR is open, published online and thus available for all. The Finnish PHR data model can be developed by following the development process described at Development of the national data model. See website for more information.

Other documents related to Kanta PHR platform

Other documents related to Kanta PHR platform are published at website. See website for documents.