Notes related to all resource types

Profiles, extensions, value sets and code systems SHALL be in JSON format when uploaded to the Finnish PHR platform. Also the resource instances SHALL be in JSON format (XML not supported).

If you want to use resource examples from the Implementation Guide, you should download it in JSON format from Simplifier. Visit Finnish PHR Simplifier project.

Differ from Simplifier documentation: quotation marks SHALL NOT be used with .value-element. In examples in JSON tabs Observation.valueQuantity.value-element has quotation marks but it SHALL NOT be used.

Profile element (Resource.meta.profile) SHALL be used in all resources. A resource SHALL always reference to a Finnish PHR profile. Other references are allowed.

Language element (Resource.language) is mandatory in all resources except for multilingual Questionnaire resources and some technical ones developed by Kela. Language code designates which language is used in the text elements of the resources.

Text element (DomainResource.text) SHALL be in all resources. Narrative text is situated in DomainResource.text.div element, in limited xhtml content form as specified by FHIR. It SHALL reflect all content needed for a human to understand the essential clinical and business information for the resource. Narrative text SHALL use language specified in Resource.language element of the resource. In the DomainResource.text.status element SHALL be given status code which describes whether the narrative is entirely generated (from just the defined data or the extensions too), or whether a human authored it and it may contain additional data. Note that contained Resources SHALL NOT have a narrative of their own. See information about narrative from FHIR website. Note that the Simplifier does not render narrative in implementation guide example view, look at it in the Simplifier or download resoure from the Simplifier.

Use of Identifier element (Business Identifier) is mandatory in profiles. There SHALL be at least one identifier that is globally unique (e.g. an uuid as the value and 'urn:ietf:rfc:3986' as the system).

Information about the application that created the resource instance is stored in an extension element that is part of the all PHR resource profiles. The PHR platform will fill in this data automatically to each stored resource instance (if a client has entered some data in this extension, it will be overwitten). Extension is Finnish PHR Application Information extension.