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Downloads and Tools

This implementation guide is web-based and is intended to be browsed online. However, for the convenience of implementers, both this implementation guide and its resource definitions are available to download for local use.

FHIR Resource Validation

Below are links to a couple useful tools to support implementers with validation of FHIR Resource instances.

FHIR Validator

The FHIR Validator is a powerful tool available to you for validating FHIR Resource instances generated by your application, examples instances created for testing, etc. This page provides instructions to download and use the FHIR validator.

Example of use with this IG (note the -ig parameter value):

java -jar validator_cli.jar your-resource.json -version 4.01 -ig -html-output qa.html

QuestionnaireResponse Formatter

This QuestionnaireResponse Formatter created for use by the community by Caredove provides a convenient way for implementers to validate (and view) QuestionnaireResponse Resources during development testing.