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Revision History

v 0.9.0 10th April 2019 Original Draft
v 0.9.1 13th June 2019 Updated the implementation guide to include the Open Review comments and make it suitable for the provincial rollout
v0.10.0 1st Dec 2019 Updated the provincial spec to incorporate Home and Community Care Pathway
Leveraged tooling support (Forge & Simplifier) to profile resources
Updated Terminology page with provincial value sets.
v0.10.1 20 July 2021 Updates and clarifications to expected use of messaging, including updates to the MessageEventCode value set
(agreed to by eReferral WG on June 22, 2021);
Technical corrections to existing FHIR artifacts to enable resource validation, including:
- slicing in AllergyIntolerance & all extensions,
- fix URIs for references in profiles to match canonicals (vs Simplifier url);
Rework implementation guidance, replacing "Method 1", "Method 2" language with separate specification pages for:
- Direct Messaging integrations, and
- SMART integrations;
Added pages with implementation notes for Profiles and messages in the FHIR Artifacts menu;
Added CapabilityStatements for key system roles specified in the specification pages to clarify requirements
Added MessageDefinition artifacts to show expected use of message events / for reference in CapabilityStatements;
Updated examples for resources and added examples
v0.11.0 29 July 2022 Updated the implementation guide to incorporate eConsult workflow. The following sections were added/updated:
- StructureDefinition: Questionnaire
- Specification: RESTful FHIR API
Updates to:
- Scope
- Renamed Acronyms to Glossary and added new terms
- Business Context
- Use Cases: Added eConsult Use Cases
- Business Rules: added eConsult related business rules
- Renamed Consumer Responsibility to Data Consumer Responsibility
- Technical Backgroud: moved Conventions and FHIR Artifacts to this page
- Integration Patterns: added REST related interactions
- Direct Messaging: updated flow and state diagrams, added implementer notes for consult integrations
- Supporting Workflow: added Use Case #4
- FHIR Artifacts: added links to RESTful Client/Server capability statements, updated message event codes, combined resource profile tables into one single table, added links to new extensions

Differences between v0.10.1 and v0.11.0

Menu Title Page Name Summary of change
Home Introduction - added DHIEX section
- eConsult sentence added to background
Scope -Scope – added RESTful API
- Out of Scope – removed “Communication with a health services directory to expand the list of services/providers that can be searched”
Glossary - Renamed to Glossary from Acronyms
- Added additional terms
Business Context Business Model - Context – added sentence on Electronic Consult
- Conceptual Architecture – diagram updated, added provincial digital health assets
- Systems – added section on “Provincial Digital Health Assets”
- Supporting eReferral Processes – added RESTful FHIR API sentence
Use Cases - Added use cases 4 and 5 for eConsult
Business Rules - Added section on eConsult Business Events and HealthcareService Directories
Technical Specifications Technical Background - Conventions and FHIR Artifacts moved to here
Integration Patterns - Building Blocks: added RESTful Interactions
- Workflow Support: added RMS GETs information using RESTful interactions and exchanges event-related information using Direct Messaging
Direct Messaging - Flow of Information – updated diagram with eConsult flow
- Use of FHIR Messaging – updated table to align with flow diagram
- Contributions to Repositories for Analytics and Performance Monitoring – added entire section
- Diagram: ServiceRequest Message Bundle – diagram updated to include Questionnaire and HealthcareService
- State Machines – Requester and Performer diagrams updated with new event codes
- Performer State Machine – added workflow event table
- Request completed by Requester – entire section added
Specification: RESTful FHIR API - Entire page added
Supporting Workflow - Use Case #4: Consultation Request added
FHIR Artifacts FHIR Artifacts - Behaviour: Capability Statements – added RESTful Client and RESTful Server
- Structures: Resource Profiles - Merged tables into one, added Questionnaire and HealthcareService profile
- Structures: Extensions – New extensions added:
o AccessInstructions
o CopiedParticipants
o DeliveryMethod
o Facet
o PrimaryType
o RoutingOptions
o Media
o UsageLicense
MessageDefinition: ServiceRequest Bundle - Diagram updated to include Questionnaire and HealthcareService resources
MessageDefinitions: Task Bundle - Diagram updated to include Communication resource
StructureDefinition: MessageHeader Profile - Added extension – ContentType, updated usage notes
StructureDefinition: ServiceRequest Profile - Added extensions: DART, DARC, CopiedParticipants
- Added Search Parameters
- .reasonCode
- updated usage notes
Structure Definition: Task Profile - Added extension - patientNeedsToBeSeen
- Added Task Code - "process-request-consult"
Structure Definition: Communication Profile - Updated usage notes under .payload.content
Structure Definition: HealthcareService Profile - New profile added
Structure Definition: Location Profile - Added extension GeoJSON
Structure Definition: Questionnaire Profile - New profile added