Several extensions are needed to capture the metadata about formularies and the medications that they list.

TODO: All of these extensions are using http://example.org/fhir as their baseurl, which is not real. Find an authoritative location to store these extensions.

For each formulary:

  • Formulary-EffectiveFrom
  • Formulary-EffectiveTo
  • Formulary-PlanYear
    • TODO: this is currently an integer. Should it be a string for the plans that span multiple years (e.g., 2007-2008)?
  • Formulary-HealthPlan
    • TODO: this is currently a string. Should it be a reference instead?
    • TODO: should the reference be on the other side - plans reference the formularies that they include?
  • TODO: Formulary ID, for handling associations between Health Plans and their respective formularies
    • Do plans ever have multiple formularies associated with them, or is it just a 1:1 relationship?
  • TODO: Number of Drug Tiers as an integer (3, 4, 5, 6, others?)
  • TODO: Co-payment/co-insurance amounts associated with each tier

For each medication: