Business Context

TELUS Health guards provider and patient health data with utmost scrutiny. Part of its privacy governance rules dictate that data can only be pushed to vetted integrators, and that each and every of these integrators must undergo a thorough privacy impact assessment. Each integrator is required to obtain sign-offs and consents from Health providers who are the custodians of private health data. TELUS Heath's role is but to facilitate connectivity, while ensuring that PIPEDA rules are adhered to and respected.


id - Derived from primary key generated by the local system.

identifier - Logical identifier should contain enough information to be understood by multiple system ex MRN, Healthcard number, license number, etc. These identifiers are constant as a resource (or other forms of representation of the real world entity) are copied around and moved from place to place.

Must Support - In the context of this implementation Must Support flags are utilized to identify elements that are expected to be supported broadly regardless of use case.