TES Alert to AuditEvent mapping

This table shows mappings from the TMS Event Serrvice (TES) Alert HL7v3 message to an SCR-Alert-AuditEvent profiled resource.

data item card data type target note
AlertEvent identifier 1..1 id II AuditEvent.entity.what AlertEvent.id as AuditEvent.entity.what.identifier.value
ReasonType 1..1 code cv AuditEvent.type
ReasonCoded 1..1 code cv AuditEvent.subtype
ReasonText 0..1 text st AuditEvent.outcomeDesc
notificationMessage 0..1 text st uses Extension-SCR-NotificationMessage
Patient 1..1 id II AuditEvent.agent:Patient.who
OrganizationSDS 1..1 id II AuditEvent.agent:Organization.who
Person 1..1 id II AuditEvent.agent:Person.who User Id as AuditEvent.agent:Person.who.identifier.value
PersonRole 1..1 desc ST AuditEvent.agent:Person.role Role Name as AuditEvent.agent:Person.role.codeableConcept.text
DeviceSDS 1..1 name TN AuditEvent.source.observer.value ASID as AuditEvent.source.observer.value, ASID naming system as AuditEvent.source.observer.system