FHIR Artifacts

Based on the 'ACME Project R4 - Profiling tutorial'.


The following resoruces are used for this use case.

Background use case

    The medicine regulatory authority (MRA) specifies the following requirements on top op the FHIR model:

    1. Information on the path by which the vaccine product is taken into the body needs to be present.
    2. The vaccine product that is administrated needs to be exchanged as a code and not solely in free text.
    3. If a reaction follows on the vaccination administration, the reaction datetime and details needs to be captured.
    4. The MRA cannot process information about given education material, therefore it should not be present.
    5. If a performer is known, the information about the actor (the individual Practitioner and it's Organization) must be given through a PractitionerRole reference.