This is the Implementation Guide for the Health New Zealand Covid-19 Immunization FHIR© API. The Covid-19 Immunisation API is a REST API that can be used by approved partners and vendors to:

  • Retrieve an individual's Covid-19 Immunisation records by their NHI, from CIR1.

An NHI number is used as the identifier to request a patient's Covid-19 Immunisation records.

Use Cases & Eligibility Criteria

Below are some common uses cases:

  • Retrieve and display a patient's Covid-19 Immunisation record to a Health Professional
  • Display to an authenticated & authorised end user, their Covid-19 Immunisation record, without the need for them to request it from a Health Professional

Access to Covid-19 Immunization data can only be granted for:

  • Individual themselves
  • Health Sector Professionals with a role in:
    • Managing the Covid Vaccine Programme and related administration
    • Contact tracing (identifying an individual's risk to exposure from a close contact)
    • Providing health services (Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, etc.)

If you are planning to develop an application for any of the above mentioned use cases or if you have any other use case that might benefit the health sector or the patients, we would love to hear from you and work with you to get you access to the service**2**. Please check the Onboarding & Certfication Process for details.

Resources & Profiles

The API is a HL7® FHIR© API and uses the Resource:

It supports the standard FHIR query syntax for returning a patient's immunization by an identifier (NHI in this case). It is also possible to return information held by CIR about the patient and location the Immunization occurred, using the respective resouces.

These resources have been profiled to describe the inforamtion returned from CIR. These profiles are detailed on the Profiles page.

1   CIR (Covid Immunisation Register), is the source of truth for the Covid-19 Immunisations administered in New Zealand.

2  Subject to you having a valid use case and your application being approved.