MobileForms Implementation Guide

This is an HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide (IG) describing how to use Mobile Forms to create and distribute different kinds of surveys

MobilForms is a service for sending standardised questionnaires to one or several recipients

Three resources constitues the core of the MobileForms service:


The service is initiated by creating a so called MobileRequest (ServiceRequest) and then posting it, which will start the MobileForms flow. The MobileRequest contains information about the receiver, currently in shape of a telephone number. In later versions it will be possible to use other channels such as e-mail. The MobileRequest also contains a canonical url pointing at a MobilePlan (PlanDefinition).

The MobilePlan is a static configuration that the customer can use for one specific kind of form. The MobilePlan contains information about what MobileForm to be sent and when to send it. Additionaly it contains the settings for the message, such as headers, informative texts and button labels.

It is possible to via the API create own MobilePlans and MobileForms to ensure that the service is fulfilling all particular needs and requirments that might exist.

Overview of the contents of the Implementation Guide: