This page lists all the ConceptMaps defined as part of this Implementation Guide. A ConceptMap is defined as a statement of relationships from one set of concepts to one or more other concepts. For example, either code systems or data elements, or classes in class models.

The STU3 Care Connect ConceptMaps listed below, have all been assigned a curation level of unknown, to reflect that it is not been recorded if the ConceptMap has been curated or not. For completeness, the other types of curation level are described in further detail in the table below:

Curation level Definition
Curated The ConceptMap has been formerly reviewed by the INTEROPen curation process, that involves a technical and clinical review, and published on the current build.
Not Curated This ConceptMap has had no formal review and therefore may have quality issues. It is published only to allow the review process to start.
Unknown It is not been recorded if the the ConceptMap has been curated or not, and therefore the curation level is marked as unknown.

For all these ConceptMaps, the reason for the ConceptMap is because the FHIR ValueSet is "required".

CareConnect ConceptMaps Source Target Profile
Concept Map CareConnectAllergySeverity ValueSet CareConnectAllergyIntoleranceSeverity ValueSet CareConnectAllergySeverity Profile CareConnect-AllergyIntolerance
Concept Map CareConnectAllergyVerificationStatus ValueSet CareConnectAllergyIntoleranceVerificationStatus ValueSet CareConnectAllergyCertainty Profile CareConnect-AllergyIntolerance
Concept Map CareConnectAdministrativeGender ValueSet CareConnectAdministrativeGender ValueSet CareConnectNHSDataDictionaryPersonStatedGenderCode Profile CareConnect-Patient
Concept Map CareConnectMaritalStatus ValueSet CareConnectMaritalStatusCodes ValueSet CareConnectNHSDataDictionaryPersonMaritalStatus Profile CareConnect-Patient
Concept Map CareConnectPersonNameType ValueSet CareConnectNameUse ValueSet CareConnectPDSPersonNameType Profile CareConnect-Patient
Concept Map CareConnectConditionEpisodicity ValueSet CareConnectConditionEpisodicity ValueSet CareConnectConditionEpisodeSnCT Profile CareConnect-Patient