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Conformance Requirements

eReferral servers does not have any specific conformance expectations for eReferral client systems beyond the security requirements. This means that client systems are free to decide which operations they wish to support, which optional search parameters they want to use and what data elements they want to make use of and how they wish to use those elements (within the constraints set by their access agreement ).

Within the profiles included in this implementation guide, "Must Support" indicates that those data elements are currently used by the eReferral Ontario when receiving instances and populated (when data exists) when producing instances. Non-supported data elements will be ignored as inputs and will not be populated in responses. However, support for these elements may be introduced in the future.

Capability Statement

The capablity statement defining the behavior of the systems associated with this implementation guide.

Service Description Download Link
eReferral Server Capability Statement The eReferral system describing the flow of referrals between source and target system Download XML/JSON