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Capability Statement

The capablity statement defining the behavior of the systems associated with this implementation guide.

Service Description Download Link
eReferral Server Capability Statement The eReferral system describing the flow of referrals between source and target system Download XML/JSON

Resource Profiles

Profiles defining constraints on resources used in this implementation guide

Resource Description Download Link
eHealth Ontario eReferral AllergyIntolerance Profile Allergy information Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Appointment Profile The Appointment is used to provide information about a planned meeting that may be in the future/past Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Bundle Profile The main resource submitted to the target referral system Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Condition Profile Primary Diagnosis for referral Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Consent Profile Any consent information collected at source Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral DocumentReference Profile Any additional PDF forms/documents that have to be included as documents Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Location Profile Location includes both incidental locations (a place which is used for healthcare without prior designation or authorization) and dedicated, formally appointed locations Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral MessageHeader Profile Provides details for message execution. Identifies the destination and the other of the referral bundle. It can also provide a general reason for referral in case the included ServiceRequest resources are very specific Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral OperationOutcome Profile Operation outcomes are sets of error, warning and information messages that provide detailed information about the outcome of an attempted system operation Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Organization Profile Identifies the recipient HCC (PractitionerRole.organization) in the MessageHeader. Could also appear in other PractitionerRole.organization references Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Patient Profile The subject of the referral request Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Practitioner Profile Provides the requester identity (PractitionerRole.practitioner). Also, in case the author is not the requester the author reference in the MessageHeader may refer to a second Practitioner resource. Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral PractitionerRole Profile Defines the requester. Should reference one Practitioner or one Organization resource. Also referenced in other resources. Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral QuestionnaireResponse Profile A list of nested Questions and Answers items that complement the Service Request order details Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral ServiceRequest Profile The main payload resource(s) Download XML/JSON
eHealth Ontario eReferral Task Profile Provides additional status information about the referral and referral update reasons, in case the referral needs to be updated or cancelled by Source Download XML/JSON


Extensions supported by this implementation guide:

Extension Description Download Link
CommunicationBarrier The extension is required to identify if the patient speaks/understands an offical language (english/french), or if she/he does not an interpretor is required. Download XML/JSON
HCNVersionCode An assigned sequence code, uniquely identifying a Health Card issued (or potentially issued) to a Registered Person Download XML/JSON
MessageHeaderId This is an extension required for Referral ID and is a buisness identifier for the referral. Download XML/JSON
ReferralSourceType The purpose of this extension is to support multiple locations for a requester for family doc or provider. Download XML/JSON


Example of Description Download Link
AllergyIntolerance Profile Example of AllergyIntolerance instance Download XML/JSON
Appointment Profile Example of Appointment instance Download XML/JSON
Bundle Profile Example of Bundle instance Download XML/JSON
Condition Profile Example of Condition instance Download XML/JSON
Consent Profile Example of Consent instance Download XML/JSON
DocumentReference Profile Example of DocumentReference instance Download XML/JSON
Location Profile Example of Location instance Download XML/JSON
MessageHeader profile Example of MessageHeader instance Download XML/JSON
OperationOutcome Profile Example of OperationOutcome instance Download XML/JSON
Organization Profile Example of Organization instance Download XML/JSON
Patient Profile Example of Patient instance Download XML/JSON
Practitioner Profile Example of Practitioner instance Download XML/JSON
PractitionerRole Profile Example of PractiotionerRole instance Download XML/JSON
QuestionnaireResponse Profile Example of QuestionnaireResponse instance Download XML/JSON
ServiceRequest Profile Example of Servicerequest instance Download XML/JSON
Task Profile Example of Task instance Download XML/JSON