This project serves to illustrate how digital health applications by Elona Health meet technical interoperability standards and to provide guidance on how to manage data export based on these standards.


Elona Health develops digital and software solutions aimed to support psychotherapy and mental healthcare. The current product by Elona Health, called 'elona therapy', is a CE-marked software as a medical device. It comprises a smartphone application for patients in outpatient psychotherapy and is accompanied by a web application for care providers. elona therapy assists patients along the complete duration of the therapy, simplifying and enhancing analog therapeutic practices through digital means and providing insights to care providers at the same time.

Technical Standard

To ensure a high level of interoperability, Elona Health is using the current version 4.0.1 of FHIR published by HL7® at the time of this writing. FHIR was chosen due to its prioritization within the DiGA guidelines published by the BfArM (German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) and its proven acceptance in the German and international digital health domain.