What is Directory of Service (DoS)?

The DoS is a directory of NHS services which is integrated with NHS Pathways, the clinical decision support system that supports 111 and some 999 providers.

Once someone has gone through a triage the DoS provides information about where they should go next.

The DoS uses the information already collected about the patient – such as their location and how quickly they need treatment – to provide a list of the best services for them. For example, this might be the nearest pharmacy, an urgent treatment centre or an emergency department.

The list is ranked by factors such as how close the facility is, when it is open and what services are available when they get there.

Refer to NHS Program URL for more information Directory of Services (DoS)

What is the Aim of this Implementation Guide?

This implementation guide provides guidance on implementing the Directory of Service (DoS) FHIR R4 Standard. The project's scope involves a technical re-architecture of the Directory of Services. This entails replacing outdated components causing user or maintenance issues.

The rewrite aims to introduce necessary enhancements aligning the DoS with other product suites and establishing a new foundational infrastructure to address future needs effectively.