2017 December Ballot Forward

Ballot Type: "Ballot for Comment"

This initial draft of the Devices on FHIR Point-of-Care Device (PoCD) Implementation Guide (IG) is being advanced to gain early feedgback on the:

  1. Overall organization
  2. General Content & Topics
  3. Detailed Profiles Content
  4. Detailed Terminology Content

A quick review of the IG will show that except for the Overview, Profiles and Terminology sections, the content is very thin - mostly outline. Effort was made to ensure that each section at least has a basic description of what is intended in an "Editor:" note.

All comments are appreciated and will be carefully considered during the January 2018 Working Group Meetings in New Orleans. The DoF team plans on updating the IG and getting an STU version out in the next ballot cycle.

Intended Audience

This IG targets those who are not experts in healthcare device informatics, but want to use FHIR to either provide device-sourced content or to discover and retrieve information provided from devices. As a result, there is a fair amount of background material provided so as to give context to the implementation details in the Technical Implementation Guidance, Profiles and Terminologies sections.

Key Areas & Questions for Feedback

When reviewing the IG, please focus on the following areas and questions:

Section: Home

  1. Sequence and topic covered
  2. What else shoudl be added including identification of "Other Projects & Guides"

NOTE: The Personal Health Device (PHD) Implementation Guide is closely related to this PoCD IG. Reviewers should also take the time to review that guide as well and provide feedback on alignment and harmonization opportunities between the two documents.

Section: Overview

This section is intended for those who do not have a background in standardized medical device informatics, especially in alignment with the ISO/IEEE 11073 semantic standards (terminology & information models).

  1. Is the information sequenced and at a level of detail that is approachable by those new to this subject area?
  2. What content needs to be clarified or added?

Section: Use Cases

This is very VERY thin. Intent is to include the standard set of use cases that are used by the device informatics community, especially those defined in the IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) Technical Framework Volume 1.

Please suggest use cases that you think would be important to include in this IG!

NOTE: Currently out-of-scope of this IG are some areas such as remote alarm communication or device control. Those will be added in subsequent versions of this or other related IGs.

Section: Technical Implementation Guidance

This section details technical areas that must be understood by implementers.

  1. What technical areas are missing?
  2. For those topics included, are they
    • In the right sequence?
    • What information should be included in each

Section: Profiles

This is the most detailed section.

** Please review in detail!**

Section: Terminology

PoCD systems typically use the ISO/IEEE 11073 terminology. This section provides details on how this 11073 terminology is utilized within the guide, and how it integrates with other terminologies such as LOINC and SNOMED-CT.

NOTE: A terminology page is also being created and will hopefully be included in this December 2017 Ballot cycle. The page will be titled: 11073mdc

Section: Additional Considerations

  1. What additional topics should be added to this list?
  2. For those topics listed, what deails should be considered for inclusion?
  3. FAQ: What questions should be included?!

Section: About + Contacts

These are boiler plate sections. Comments welcomed but not needed.

Questions about IG Drafting

Please contact the primary drafters of this IG if you have specific questions

Todd Cooper (ToddCooperAFC@gmail.com) General Content

Stefan Karl (stefan.karl@philips.com) Profiles Section

John Rhoads (john.rhoads@philips.com) Overview & General Content