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Publish date 2018-11-02
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The Norwegian basisprofiles are developed by HL7 Norway and The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth in cooperation with the industry. The profiles are supposed to cover several use-cases:

  • Can be used directly in use cases where the use-case don't need additional information og restrictions
  • Can be used as a basis for further profiling in use-cases where additional specification of the content is needed, in this case the basis profiles can be used as a base for derived profiles developed by the user
  • Can be used as inspiration for use-case specific profiling

The basis profile is open, in effect it does not add any restrictions to the information content. The basis profiles do however define coding for important information like identification of patient, organization etc. Derived profiles should identify what information elements is needed to cover the specific use-case and express this as requirements on coding and information content.