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Made the exercises and seen the answers but still have questions? Please reach out. The FHIR community can easily be reached at Zulip cat on

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Follow one of our predefined or tailor-made courses. We will make sure you know FHIR inside-out.

FHIR DevDays

Let's meet at FHIR DevDays! It the largest FHIR-only event in the world. This is where the experts go to teach and learn. The three pillars of DevDays are learn, code and share. The event offers tutorials, hands-on sessions, presentations and keynotes. The program has both introductory and advanced sessions, and all content is updated to the latest FHIR version.

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Let us assist you with your FHIR use case. Visit our company website to know more about our services or get into contact with Rien Wertheim right away.


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