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  1. Profiles
  2. Interactions
  3. Medication Statement Identifiers
  4. Medication Fields


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basedOnΣ I0..*Reference(MedicationRequest | CarePlan | ProcedureRequest | ReferralRequest)
partOfΣ I0..*Reference(MedicationAdministration | MedicationDispense | MedicationStatement | Procedure | Observation)
contextΣ I0..1Reference(Encounter | EpisodeOfCare)
statusΣ ?!1..1codeBinding
medicationReferenceΣ1..1Reference(Smis Medication Profile)
informationSourceI0..1Reference(Patient | Practitioner | RelatedPerson | Organization)
subjectΣ I1..1Reference(SMIS Patient Profile)
takenΣ ?!1..1codeBinding
reasonReferenceI0..*Reference(Condition | Observation)

The subject may be a reference to a patient by internal SMIS id

"subject": {
  "reference": "Patient/1489161154728048"

or an identifier identifying the patient with the external id.

"subject": {
  "identifier": {
    "system": "",
    "value": "FDDEC0EA-A0FA-448C-916E-51C777AD97E8"


  • update
  • create
  • search by patient
    • Search parameters:
      • patient (required)
  • Search by patient and identifier
    • Search parameters:
      • patient (required)
      • identifier (required)

It's possible to search for a resource by internal or external patient id:

GET /fhir/MedicationStatement?patient=1489161154728048
GET /fhir/MedicationStatement?patient.identifier=FDDEC0EA-A0FA-448C-916E-51C777AD97E8

Medication Statement Identifiers

Name System Sample Value
Internal Element Id 1297774007642120
External Element Id 304C24D6-007B-465D-B608-26DCC3DA63AF

Medication Fields

The medication statement and medication profiles are open. Therefore, all attributes of the base medication statement and medication are allowed. SMIS only needs the following attributes, all others are ignored.

Medication Statement

Path Comment
id Numeric SMIS id
identifier[system=] Required
status "active" means daily application, irregular application or special handling. "intended" means reserved drug
medicationReference Contained SMIS medication reference.
effectiveDateTime Requried
subject.reference Required if subject.identifier is empty. Numeric ID
subject.identifier.system Required if subject.reference is empty. Fixed:
subject.identifier.value Required if subject.reference is empty. External patient id
note[1].text Optional common comment.
dosage[n].patientInstruction Optional dosage instruction.
dosage[n].asNeededBoolean Optional, only boolean type allowed.
dosage[n].route Optional SNOMED medication administration code.
dosage[n].doseQuantity.value Amount. Set to '1' for 'yes'.
dosage[n].doseQuantity.code "Stk"
dosage[n].timing.repeat.when Required, supported types: ACM, PCM, ACD, PCD, ACV, PCV, NIGHT.
dosage[n].timing.repeat.boundsPeriod Optional. Only period type with dateFrom and optional dateTo accepted.

Note: For all dosage elements in the list, only the quantity value and "timing.repeat.when" may be changed. The remaining entries are identical for all elements in the list.

Contained Medication

Path Comment
code.coding[1].system urn:oid:2.16.756."
code.coding[1].code Required phar code.
code.coding[1].display Drug description.
status active
package.content[1].itemCodeableConcept.coding.code Unit type: Only "Pck" (package) or "U" (element) allowed.
package.content[1].itemCodeableConcept.coding.display Unit text, makes only sense, if unit type type is "U".
package.content[1].amount.value Quantity of unit.
package.content[1].amount.code "Stk"