Use case

Typical Current Reporting Practice

Approximation of current typical flow with minimal automation of data capture and transmission.

  1. The clinician user will dictate the report.
  2. The report may receive some limited demographics information from the EMR. Some of which may be re-transcribed.
  3. The report is sent to the EMR.
  4. Data is entered manually to a file or through an interface so that it can be submitted to a jurisdictional authority. This process delays the receipt of data significantly and may be a source of error due to re-transcription of the data, or inability to find necessary information.
  5. The providers and patients receive reports as narrative text.

Ideal Future State

Ideal future state with automation of data capture and transmission

  1. An updated and ideally clinical guideline conformant form is hosted by a jurisdictional or other authority.
  2. That reprt is requesed by a form filler in a given site.
  3. As much information is available and relevant is populated in the form before the clinician fills it out.
  4. The report is simultaneously submitted to the EMR and jurisdictional authority.
  5. Providers and patients have structured report to read.
  6. FHIR observations are queriable resources that can be used to search for results from the encounter.