Use Case

A colonoscopy has been carried out on a patient by a team consisting of one or multiple practitioners. A structured report is first created in an EHR that supports structured reporting. That report is signed. A subset of the structured data is to be extracted and sent to the Kreftregisteret (KRG) and Gastronet via electronic means using FHIR. The entire set of information should be sent in one operation, as a self-contained, complete transmission. This comes down to sending the all information inside a single FHIR Bundle. Examples can be found here: TODO

KRG vs Gastronet

The information sent to KRG is not exactly the same as the information sent to Gastronet. See there respective sectoins in this implementation guide to view the documentation for your use case.

Updating a report

A new version may be sent later, generally within a day or so. This can be accomplished by sending the entire bundle (including the changes ofcourse) with the same bundle.identifier again.

Retracting a report

It might also happen that the a physician wants to retract an already sent report. This can be done by sending the entire bundle again (with the same bundle.identifier), while changing the procedure.status from complete to entered-in-error