IEEE 11073 Object Model and FHIR Resources

The Devices on FHIR PoCD profile FHIR resources make a view of the device model that uses the FHIR resource DeviceComponent to represent multiple levels of the hierarchy of objects in the IEEE 11073 Domain Information model.

The whole device (Medical Device System or MDS) is modeled as a DeviceComponent which complements the information about the device in the standard general-purpose FHIR resource "Device".

A major subsystem or module witin the device (a Virtual Medical Device or VMD) is also represented by a DeviceComponent FHIR resource which has an MDS as a parent, and may own Channels represented as child DeviceComponents.

Convention: note that in the following sections, the terminology used in the IEEE 11073-10201 standard is followed to avoid unneesssary confusion, and that, as this standard was written at a time when object modeling term usage was less uniform than it is today, some usages may seem strange. The main example of this is that the term 'object' is used both for a what would typicaly be called a class today, and for an instance of a class, the common usage for the term 'object' today.