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New! Forge 14.4 for DSTU2 - FHIR DevDays 2016 Edition

gravatar   MichelR   Friday, November 25, 2016

Today we've published Forge release 14.4 - FHIR DevDays 2016 Edition. You can download the new release for free from

Highlights in this release:

  • Upgrade FHIR .NET API library to v0.90.6-alpha8 (internal release).
  • Forge now leverages the new snapshot generation logic in FHIR .NET API. This provides improved quality and conformance of the generated snapshot components. The snapshot generator will try to merge information from referenced external profiles.
  • Profiles-on-profiles A.K.A. derived profiles.
    Forge now supports creating and editing profiles that are based on other (non-core) profiles. This allows you to create hierarchies of profiles that are based on eachother.
    Note: this feature is brand new and does not yet support all advanced use cases, such as (re-)slicing. Future updates will bring improved and complete coverage for scenario's that are yet missing and/or unsupported.
  • Improved differential change tracking.
    The internal application logic to generate a sparse differential output (expressing only local profile constraints) has been completely redesigned and rewritten, in order to improve stability and reliability and also in order to allow the implementation of advanced scenario's. In previous versions, the output differential sometimes was incomplete and/or contained redundant information. The new version should improve on this.
  • Working folders.
    The application is moving towards an approach based on working folders. Some of the internal logic already operates on this principle, however this is not yet always exposed in the UI. In a future release, the current Session Explorer panel will be deprecated and replaced with a new folder-based control. For now, we advice you to keep related profiles (base profiles, extensions etc.) together in a common working folder.

Because of the large number of changes and the relatively high impact, this release will probably not only introduce some new features but also regressions and/or new issues. However please be assured that we are committed to this application and will try to fix submitted issues as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, then please post a message to Zulip (conformance stream) or contact us personally at

Happy profiling!

Michel Rutten

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