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Status overview


Based on Ontario’s eHealth Blueprint, the PPR is a registry that contains authoritative information about health care Providers in Ontario that fall within the definition of Health Information Custodian (HIC) or agent of a HIC pursuant to the Personal Health Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PHIPA).

The target vision of the PPR is to:

  1. Provide the ability to create a single unique identifier for all health care providers in Ontario.
  2. Provide the ability to link information for multiple provider identifiers/sites information to a single provider identity across multiple data sources.
  3. Provide the ability for an authoritative source to add provider data to the registry in real time.
  4. Provide the ability for an authoritative source to update/provide credentials, demographics, and practice information in real time.
  5. Provide the ability for health care Providers to maintain their own demographic and contact information.
  6. Provide the ability to verify data integrity and quality through reporting and verification scripts.
  7. Support eHealth Ontario interface specifications for access to providers information.
  8. Provide the ability to notify interested consumers when providers’ particulars (identifiers/ status/ information) are updated or changed.
  9. Enable search/link of provider individual in the registry by name (including aliases, near matches and nicknames), profession, specialty/sub-specialty, alternate identifiers, location, unique identifier, etc., and return accurate, up-to-date provider individual profile information generated from information across multiple sources.
  10. Enable search/link of provider organizations in the registry by name (including aliases, near matches and nicknames), role (e.g. pharmacy, hospital, clinic etc.), LHIN, alternate identifiers, unique identifier, etc. and return accurate, up-to-date provider organization profile information across multiple sources.
  11. Improve accuracy and currency of provider information in the registry.

The PPR provides a key cornerstone service in the context of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Ontario.The PPR receives data/information from many sources; the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Regulatory Colleges, and the provider themselves.

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