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Call for Presentations

The timing could not be better! Just before the holiday season, with you having time on your hands to come up with fresh ideas, we invite you to send us your proposal to present at the largest and foremost FHIR event in the world:

HL7 FHIR DevDays US 2020
June 16-18, Cleveland, OH

The go-to FHIR event, where people learn FHIR and build the FHIR community.

You can submit a proposal for different types of sessions:

  • Tutorial (40 min): educational presentations on a FHIR specific topic
  • Let's Build! (60 min): hands-on exercises, classroom-style
  • Keynote in the plenary room (20 min)
  • Birds of a Feather (40 min): exploring new grounds
  • Community Track (20 min): lessons learned and best practices

Soon we will also open the registration for the Startup Track and the Patient Innovators Track. Keep an eye on the event website.

Please read the submission guidelines and conditions carefully before applying. The deadline is February 1, 2020.

Submit Proposal

We look forward to receiving lots of inspired proposals. And to seeing you at DevDays in person.

In the meantime, happy holidays to all of you!

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Your chance to speak at DevDays, June 16-18, 2020, Cleveland, OH
Ardon Toonstra
We always release the DevDays content – videos, slides, exercises – 6 months after the event. On the DevDays website you will now find the content of DevDays US 2019 (Redmond, June 2019).