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HCIM DrugUse

DrugUse as defined by the Dutch Health and Care Information models (Dutch: Zorginformatiebouwsteen or ZIB) version 1.0. Drugs (or: narcotics, amphetamines, intoxicants, highs, hallucinogenics, illegal substances or dope) is a collective term for drugs and chemical substances with a more or less ‘drugging' (anesthetic, boosting and/or hallucinogenic) effect and which can lead to addiction. Drug [Online] Available at: [Accessed: 11 February 2015]. This information model describes the information asked of the patient about their drug use.
  • type Profile on Observation
  • status final
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Is conformed by Example ZIB DrugUse example (project)
Is conformed by Example Finding relating to drug misuse behavior (finding) NictizSTU3-Zib2017
Constraints Profile observation-nl (project)
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