Organization Nictiz / Project Nictiz STU3 Zib 2017

HCIM NursingIntervention

NursingIntervention as defined by the Dutch Health and Care Information models (Dutch: Zorginformatiebouwsteen or ZIB) version 3.1, release 2017 with an addaption by the 'VNN redactieraad 2018', where a informationmodel is proposed without the NursingProcedure container and attached mandatory Activity concept. A nursing intervention is the care and/or treatment carried out by a nurse based on an expert opinion and clinical knowledge. It is part of the nursing process; interventions are determined as a result of indexed healthcare problems (nursing diagnoses) and based on treatment goals. The interventions are outlined in the nursing procedures. In a home care situation some actions can also be performed by the patient or a caregiver after a relevant instruction.
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