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Nictiz DSTU2 - retired

**RETIRED** General Nictiz repository of FHIR DSTU2 conformance resources. Historical purpose only. Please see STU3. **RETIRED**
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DiagnosticReports 24
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Status overview

This project contains RETIRED profiles of the 2015 zibs for FHIR DSTU2. Please go to the NICTIZ 2017 project for the current versions.

Nictiz is the centre of expertise for standardisation and eHealth in The Netherlands

"Nictiz works towards better healthcare through better information. We support the healthcare sector in the use of IT to improve quality and efficiency within healthcare." This project contains all artifacts that Nictiz creates and/or maintains as part of its mission to provide "better healthcare through better information".

Discussion and feedback greatly appreciated through the FHIR Chat Channels -- free registration required.

NOTE: Nictiz actively promotes FHIR STU3 based profiles. The profiles in this project have initially been created when The Netherlands was just starting up in FHIR and STU3 was not out yet. They remain available for historical purposes only and are not maintained.


All resources, profiles / naming systems / value sets / examples etc., are released under Creative Commons 0 license as indicated in the .copyright elements where possible. This effectively opens up use with as little restrictions as possible. Please note that the underlying Healthcare Information Models, or Zorginformatiebouwstenen, are under CC BY-NC-SA-3.0 license.

Project contains:

  • MedMij

  • HL7 Netherlands

    • Profiles by HL7 Netherlands are Patient, Organization, Practitioner, RelatedPerson, HealthcareService, EpisodeOfCare, Location, and datatypes Address and HumanName.
    • These profiles are marked slightly different in the name (nl-core-*), the url (*) and their publisher (HL7 Netherlands).
    • Profiles are based on Health and Care Information Models (HCIM - Dutch: Zorginformatiebouwstenen (ZIB))