Wales FHIR Implementation Guide v0.0.3 - Discovery

Important: This is the initial draft of the Data Standards Wales FHIR Implementation Guide. This version contains a minimal number of base FHIR resources and should be considered 'under construction'. It is not intended for use, but is published for early comment and feedback.

Project Description and Scope

This Implementation Guide contains the HL7 FHIR R4 standards for use by Health and Care organisations in Wales. These standards are derived from the UK Core Implementation Guide 0.1.0 - STU1 Release for Ballot, and implement all relevant NHS Wales Data Standards.

  • Further versions of this guide will be published once the UK Core ballot process is concluded
  • These will be subject to assurance by the Welsh Technical Standards Board.

The guidance contains:

  • FHIR resource profiles and extensions
  • FHIR terminology components including ValueSets, CodeSystems and ConceptMaps
  • Example FHIR resources
  • Other general guidance useful to FHIR implementers in Wales.

Resource Index

Appointment ServiceRequest(Referral) Encounter List(Waiting-list)
DataStandardsWales-Appointment Draft DataStandardsWales-ServiceRequest Draft DataStandardsWales-Encounter Draft DataStandardsWales-WaitingListDraft

UK Core 0.1.0

Release 1 of the UK Core Implementation Guide for Ballot