Velferdsteknologisk samarbeidsforum


The Velferdsteknologisk (VFT) samarbeidsforum is a implementation guide created to satisfy welfare technology needs in Norway with HL7® FHIR® version R4.


The goal for this implementation guide is a practical, minimal, generic but useful dataset for welfare technology exchanges in Norway. The design is based around the need for welfare technology providers such as response centers and welfare devices to communicate with electronic health records with the purpose of receiving and pushing patient information. This guide therefore contains the FHIR profiles and technical descriptions needed for this use case.


The scope of this guide is to provide a description of an interface to communicate welfare technology data. Welfare technology is technology created with the purpose of providing healthcare safety for both inpatients and outpatients. The project focuses on case I1, I2 and I3 of the welfare technology "knutepunkt" initiative, but may increase in scope as it progresses.

Version 0.1
Publish date 2020-02-27
IG namespace
Package definition vft-ImplementationGuide-v01


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