UK Naming Systems

What is a NamingSystem?

A FHIR NamingSystem is a URL that acts as a well known "name" for the type of another concept, such as an NHS Number (an identifier) or a SNOMED CT code (codesystem).

The name is a machine readable unique string for the scheme of an identifier or codesystem. When a concept is used in FHIR, such as an identifier in a Patient resource, there needs to be a way to show that it is from the set of NHS Numbers and not some other type of identifier. This concept type is a URL, that acts as a name, and it is used in identifier.system or coding.system. FHIR NamingSystem URLs are equivalent to OIDs used in earlier versions of HL7. OIDs can still be used but are deprecated for use in FHIR.

NamingSystem Index Tables

The index tables list the following information which is explained below:

Name A human readable name for the NamingSystem
URL A URL that is carried in the coding.system element for NamingSystems of type codesystem or identifier.system for NamingSystems of type identifier within a FHIR instance used for data exchange
Description The description of the NamingSystem
Status The status of the NamingSystem
  • active - a NamingSystem that is still actively maintained
  • retired - a NamingSystem that is no longer maintained, however is still useable with a FHIR instance for data exchange. For example, for historic information.
Kind The type of NamingSystem which MUST be a value from:

This code system defines the following codes:

codesystemCode SystemThe naming system is used to define concepts and symbols to represent those concepts; e.g. UCUM, LOINC, NDC code, local lab codes, etc.
identifierIdentifierThe naming system is used to manage identifiers (e.g. license numbers, order numbers, etc.).
rootRootThe naming system is used as the root for other identifiers and naming systems.

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