Clinical Data Sharing

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This profile provides guidance on implementing the IHE Query for Existing Data for Mobile) in the UK. In particular the recommended base set of query parameters. This is the UKCore FHIR R4 version of INTEROPen CareConnect API and covers the following sections:

This profile does not cover Documents which is covered in a separate profile Document Sharing

The Query for Existing Patient Data supports queries for clinical data elements, including observations, allergy and intolerances, conditions, diagnostic results, medications, immunizations, procedures, encounters and provenance by making the information widely available to other systems within and across enterprises. It defines a transaction used to query a list of specific data elements on FHIR resources.

Use Cases


Package Version
UKCore > 2.10

API's Implementing this profile

API Options Implemented
Immunisation History - FHIR API Medication -> Immunization option
COVID-19 Test Results - FHIR API Diagnositcs -> Observation option
Booking and Referral - FHIR API Health Administration -> Appointment option
Clinical -> ServiceRequest option
e-Referral Service - FHIR API Documents -> DocumentReference option
Documents -> Binary option
Clinical -> ServiceRequest option

Supplier Implementing this profiles

This is believed to be true and not complete. Do we need some form of self certification?

Supplier Options Implemented
Cerner all? producer
EPIC all? producer
AllScripts all? producer
Apple all? consumer
Virtually Healthcare (EMIS IM1 Adaptor) all - producer
Virtually Healthcare (EPR) all - producer
Black Pear all - producer
Yorkshire and Humberside Care Record (LHCRE) all - producer (may be STU3 CareConnect?)
Greater Manchester (LHCRE) all - producer
Leeds Teaching Trust all - producer

Organization of this guide

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