Document Sharing and Notifications

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The Documents Profile defines one standardized interface to health document sharing (a.k.a. an Application Programming Interface (API)) so that document handling is more consistent and reusable.

This profile also provides guidance on implementing the IHE Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)) in the UK. The Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) Profile defines one pair of actors and a transaction to submit or push new “document entries” from the mobile device to a receiving system. Another set of actors and transactions is used to query a list of “document entries” having specific metadata, and to retrieve a document.

The transactions defined here leverage the document content- and format-agnostic metadata concepts that were initially developed for XDS but simplify them for access in constrained environments including mobile devices.

The Document Profile can be used as an API to a Document Sharing exchange using XDS or XCA.

Use Cases


Package Version
UKCore > 2.10

API's Implementing this profile

API Options Implemented
e-Referral Service - FHIR API Provide Document RESTful
Discovery and Retrieval of existing documents
National Record Locator - FHIR API Discovery and Retrieval of existing documents
Transfer of Care Provide Document Message
Digital Medicines Provide Document Message
UEC Provide Document Message

Note the most common format for Transfer of Care is actually Kettering XML, this is like Provide Document Bundle Message.

Supplier Implementing this profiles

This is believed to be true and not complete. Do we need some form of self certification?

Supplier Options Implemented
Greater Manchester (LHCRE) all
Lancashire Care Partnership all
Yorkshire and Humberside Care Record (LHCRE) all
One London (LHCRE) all
Defence Medical Services all

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