Events, Patient Demographics and FHIR Subscriptions

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Event notifications is the process of informing others of your actions and events on a patients care pathway. This specifically excludes formal workflow processes such as Transfer of Care which is covered in Requests and FHIR Workflow and the population of Electronic Healthcare Repositories (EHR).

Event notifications are normally triggered based on specific actions or events recorded in a patients EHR. For example, one of the most common triggers in healthcare is ADT events which occur when a patient is admitted or discharged from hospital.

Use Cases

Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT)

Use Case - Admission, Discharge and Transfer

This use case covers ADT across a health and social care network using HL7 FHIR Events. It does not cover existing (acute) implementations of ADT notifications see HL7 v2 ADT.

Appointment Notifications

User Case - Appointment Notifications

This section covers structured Appointment notifications. In is anticipated these will be use in conjunction with text based notifications which is covered in UKCore - Alert Communication.

Clinical Event Notifications

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Patient Demographics and Identity

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Patient notifications and patient demographics query is a widely implemented process across health and social care networks at many different levels (national, regional, hospital, etc). It is expected the use HL7 v2 ADT Patient Notifications will continue for some time into the future and so this section will focus on use cases outside of hospital settings.

This section includes UK Guidance on implementing IHE Patient Master Identity Registry (PMIR) profile and Patient Demographics Query Mobile (PDQm)

This section does not include guidance Patient Merge use cases, for implementation guidance see IHE Patient Master Identity Registry (PMIR) and HL7 v2 ADT Patient Notifications

FHIR Subscriptions


Use case Use Case - Subscription


Package Version
UKCore > 2.10

API's Implementing this profile

API Options Implemented
e-Referral Service - FHIR API Subscription option (future)

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