Oris watches are a luxury brand in the market. The watch has seen a surge in the sale of their watches. The brand has served the best technology and innovation which people lives to purchase. The cost of oris watches is high as compared to other watches. Oris is the iconic Swiss watch brand and served best in the market.

Types of oris watch There are different types of watches present in the market and oris has been also divided into many types. The following are the types of this watch:

Diving series: The watch come with waterproof glass which protects the watch while going diving. The diving series has countless variation and people loves to buy this piece. The overall design and the design of the hour hand has been significantly designed by the makers of the watch. Oris has made changes and improvements in the rim and diameter of the watch.

Aquis series: It has a 60-minute bezel and simple hour hands. It is also good for divers. The Oris in Canada watches are the bestseller in this series. The series has a metal and rubber bracelet depending on the choice of people. It has various cool and attractive dial colors.

Culture: It has come with round and rectangular cases. This patch has come with different dials, colors, bracelets, rims, and functions. It has a 10-day power reserve feature that people wants to buy. This watch can go with any outfit because it is available in different colors and designs. It is regarded as a fashionable watch.

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Aviation: This watch is particularly made for pilots and people who are travelling to different countries. This watch can keep the timing according to the country. It has an oversized crown that can be worn on the pilot’s glove. The collection is present in the best watch store in Vancouver. It has a simple as well as innovative watch design.

Motorsport series: This watch is not available in the primary market but it is available in the secondary market.

Are oris watches valuable

These watches have the best value in the Swiss brand. They have provided many variations in these watches and are used by the people largely. These are high-quality pieces with affordable rates. They can target a large audience because of their low prices and availability. Most of the watches do not hold their value for much time. The pre-owned Rolex in Canada is the exception that does not have to lose its value in the market. These watches are consistent and work for a longer time.

Swiss brand watches such as oris is affordable brand and can be purchased by everyone. It has many features and comes in various types and series. People can purchase it in bracelets and chains. Some have larger dials while some have smaller ones. Oris has come with the COSC certification. These watches are affordable as compared to the other brand watches which does not lose their value. Watches require maintenance and repair every few years.