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Links and images


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Linking within your Guide

With the pagelink command you can create a link to a different page in your Implementation Guide: {{pagelink:<url key for the markdown resource describing the page>} } (without the space). You can find the url key for the markdown resource describing the page you want to link to with the help from the pagelink autocomplete, or by looking at the address bar when opening the resource describing the page from your project's Resources tab.

For example:

Command 'pagelink' could not render: Page not found.

This will make sure that your links keep working, even when the IG is exported and hosted outside of Simplifier.

With the optional text and hint parameters you can control the title and mouse tip of the link: {{pagelink:<url key for the page>, text:<This will be the title of the link>, hint:<This is seen on mouse over of the link>} } (again without the space).



alt text



alt text


Render images from within IG

Upload images to a project and display the image with the render statement, by selecting the project and image URL key. The intellisense can help selecting the right project and image URL key. Just start typing the first letters.