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The OperationOutcome resource, shown in the profile NLLOperationOutcome is a collection of error, warning, or information messages. This resource is only used as an alternative response to communicate the result of a system action. See error handling and operation outcome for more information.


url1..1System.StringFixed Value
severityS Σ1..1codeBinding
codeS Σ1..1codeBinding
systemS Σ1..1uri
versionS Σ0..1string
codeS Σ1..1code
displayS Σ1..1string
diagnosticsS Σ0..1string
expressionS Σ0..*string

Contained resources

References to other resources are based on contained resources in the following cases.

Element Resource Case
issue.nllDetectedIssue DetectedIssue Allways

For more information about references and contained resources see Resources - References.


Description of all elements can be found here, Element descriptions.

Mapping of FHIR element names to the National Medication List names can be found here, Element language mappings.

Supported operations

HTTP methods

Operation Supported Comment
Search (GET, POST) no
Insert (POST) no
Update (PUT) no
Delete (DEL) no
Operation (GET, POST) no

It is not possible to interact with this resource.

Query operations

There are no queries available for this resource.