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OperationDefinition resources are used to define special operations and named queries.

Operations can execute on three different levels:

  • system level (POST or GET [base]/[operation]),
  • resource type level (POST or GET [base]/[resource]/[operation]) or
  • instace level (POST or GET [base]/[resource]/[id]/[operation]).

It is specified on each OperationDefinition on what level and resourse it can be used. It is also specified on each resource in the guide if there are any operations available.

Defined operations

Operation Level Link
$cancel-prescription [base]/MedicationRequest/[id]/ NLLCancelPrescription
$getAllInvalid [base]/Basic/ NLLGetNotApprovedMDDB
$ping [base]/ NLLPing
$print [base]/MedicationRequest/[id]/ NLLPrintOriginal
$print-dispenses [base]/Patient/[id]/ NLLPrintDispenses
$print-dose-prescriptions [base]/Patient/[id]/ NLLPrintDosePrescriptions
$print-prescriptions [base]/Patient/[id]/ NLLPrintPrescriptions
$print-prescription-history [base]/MedicationRequest/[id]/ NLLPrintPrescriptionHistory
$translate [base]/ConceptMap/
HL7 FHIR $translate
$validate-code [base]/ValueSet/[id]/ HL7 FHIR $validate-code
$verify [base]/1

1The system level operation is used in a request with a Bundle of MedicationDispenses.