Page Status: updated 2022-03-28

What's new?

The first draft specifications for our FHIR®-profiles were released in March 2019. Since then we have contiously updated the profiles and this implementation guide. At the end of 2021 work started to finalize the profiles and the implementation guide for the upcoming release of the FHIR API.

Major changes

Changes in profiles and value sets related to the next edition, 21.3, are now published in Simplifier. See the change log for details.

This includes, among other things:

  • New type of consent added with the name NLLAccessConsent.
  • New error codes.
  • Changed parameter structure for the operation $verify.
  • DateTime fields in MedicationRequest where time is not allowed are now checked.
  • Some resources that have more than one use, ie. multiple profiles, previously required the meta.profile element. The resource variant is now discovered instead via the data content, not the metadata element.
  • A policy has been added in multi-dose consent to comply with the requirements of FHIR.
  • Non compliance issues related to the data types dateTime and uuid are fixed, and non compliance issues in our implementation of some profiles.

All pages in the sections general information and resources are now in status release candidate. The information will be updated if any errors are found but besides that no changes are planned. The pages in the section old examples will be updated in due time but there is no set time when it will completed.

All value sets with version 0.9.x are now changed to version 1.0.0 to reflect that they are release candidates.

All profiles with extensions that are part of the upcoming 21.2 release are now verified and set as active with a version of 1.0. Profiles and extensions that are in status draft are not part of 21.2. Changes in activated profiles and extensions are announced in the change log.

9 concept maps are now published to help those who needs to translate from other code systems to those code systems used by the National Medication List.

The work with this implementation guide has come to the point when the information reaches release candidate level page by page. You can see the status at the top of each page.

Release candidate profiles. The following profiles have reached release candidate level: NLLMedicationRequest, NLLMedicationDispense and NLLDosage, which means that they now have status=active and version 1.0.0. Several other profiles will follow shortly. Search for active profiles and extensions to track all RCs or look at the change log.

All value sets with a dynamic content are now published on Simplifier with a snapshot of codes. To get an up-to-date view of codes a lookup through the ValueSet resource is still needed.
NLLPatient is updated.

NLLPractitioner is redesigned to correct some errors in the mapping between Swedish concepts and FHIR concepts.
NLLProvenance is modified to make it a base profile for all type of provenances.
NLLPatient's design for security classification is aligned to HL7 Sweden's base profile.

All value sets have now been reviewed. This has resulted in a new name for many value sets. A new extension has been added to NLLValueSet to allow a definition on a concept.

Detailed list of changes

You can se the complete list of changes here: Change log.