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Scenario: Health care encounter


This sequence describes a flow of resources accessed in Swedish National Medication List during a health care encounter. The main focus is to describe the access flow before a decision is made to e.g. create/change/cancel a prescription.

Sequence diagram


Pre-condition: A patient visits or contacts a practitioner and the interaction requires the practitioner to access the medication list in order to give a correct treatment.

  1. To access the Swedish National Medication List, a valid access token must have been issued. This is covered in the section FHIRandREST A valid SAML ticket can be exchanged to an OAuth token by accessing the EHM AuthServer (AS). The FHIR-API in Swedish National Medication List requires an OAuth-token.
  2. The Patient resource (patient information), as seen in Patient section, should be fetched. By doing so, the client gets a verification that the patient is in valid state (valid and correct identity number, not deceased) and it also receives the logical id of the patient in the response, which should be used for further interactions instead of the personal identity number. This request could be done in the background as the practitioner accesses the medication module/component of the EHR/EMR
  3. A summary of the medication list, as described in the resource NLLMedicationListInfo should be fetched before or in paralell with the list of medication request is accessed. A patient can decide to not agree access to the full list of MedicationRequest(s), if so this summary will give a view of special medications prescribed etc.
  4. Given that the patient previously has approved access to the medication list, an interaction to fetch MedicationRequest(s) can be initiated. Different search-criterias can be applied to filter the response. These are further explained in the section MedicationRequest