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Datalock - Fetch

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Sv: användningsfall - Hämta spärr

This use case describes the process of fetching data lock(s) for a patient (sv: hämta spärr). Note that medication requests/dispenses with an active data lock can be filtered from the response when a client sends a request for fetching medication request/dispenses. If they are filtered or not depends on who and why the information is fetched (purpose and type*).

To fetch data lock resource(s) is mainly relevant for pharmacies to enable highlighting medication requests/dispenses with certain data locks in the user interface to facilitate in a dispense scenario.

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How to

In some scenarios the data lock resource needs to be fetched, as described above. The basic approach is then to search for data lock resources, e.g. based on patient id.

GET [base]/fhir/Basic?patient._id=0abc
Search parameter Comment
patient._id Used in combination with lockedSubjectType
nllPrescriptionChain Reference to the prescription chain wherein medication request(s) are locked
status Enables fetching only active locks
lockedSubjectType Type of subject that is locked, used in combination with patient._id
datalockType Type of lock (sv: integritet, sekretess), used in combination with patient._id


Example - Fetch data lock

This example shows how a request to fetch data lock(s) for a patient of type confidentiality (sekretess). This scenario is relevant for pharmacies, to see if there are data locks for any of the prescriptions in the medication list of the patient that should be treated with secrecy in a dispatch scenario.

GET [base] /Basic?nllPrescriptionChain=829e0b77-be4b-46ec-a918-5580cc1b65c7&patient._id=61f54519-d7f9-42d6-afa4-a27295ccd08e&status=active&datalockType=SEKRETESS