Page Status: updated 2022-06-17

Change log

This implementation guide is still under development but all profiles are stable with status=active. If changes still are needed in a profile, it will be tracked here in the change log.

Date Resorce Description of changes
2022-06-17 NLLAccessConsent
Version 1.0.0 published
2022-06-17 MedicationRequest examples All examples including the example pages in this guide related to fetch prescriptions and create prescription are updated
2022-05-20 NLLDispensePaperPrescription The attribute MedicationDispense.extension:nllPrescriptionDetails.extension:nllCountryCode is marked as obsolete. should be used for communicating the country code. Input in this extension will be ignored. Output is provided for backwards compability.
2022-05-13 MedicationRequest Allowed combination of search parameters are changed for chain 2.
2022-05-12 NLLVerify This operation returned an incorrect answer when the operation was successful. This is now fixed by returning a Parameters containing two parameters, detectedIssues (boolean) and issues (OperationOutcome). The implementation didn't follow the documentet format for a request. This is now fixed.
2022-05-12 NLLCancelPrescription This operation returned an incorrect answer when the operation was successful. This is now fixed by returning a Parameters containing two parameters, result (boolean) and message (text).
2022-05-11 HTTP headers Infrastructure changed within the National Medication List will lead to a standardisation of HTTP headers in lower case. The National Medication List will continue to support requests using upper case characters as header names are case-insensitive in the HTTP standard. Responses from the National Medication List will however change to lower case characters during the second half of 2022 when the infrustructure changes have been implemented.
2022-05-06 NLLMedicationListInfo The guide wrongly stated that there was a compartment between a Basic of type medlistinfo and Provenance.
2022-05-03 MedicationDispense New search parameter authorizingPrescriptions.
2022-04-29 security-labels
New and uppdated value sets
2022-04-21 NLLDataLock
The attribute meta.profile is no longer marked as "must support". The logic for determening the type of resource now uses the attribute 'code' instead.
2022-04-20 Corrected implementations:
Basic, all profiles
Corrected cases where the implementation didn't follow the profile or the FHIR standard:
  • DateTime: Corrected handling and validation of DateTime to allways include time zone
  • UUID: Prefix "urn:uuid" added to all uuid:s
  • Basic, all profiles: corrected code system for basic.code
  • NLLDataLock: data type updated to 'code' in extensions nllLegalGround, nllLockedSubjectType and nllStatus
  • NLLMedication: corrected implementation of attribute in nllArticleInfo.extension:productName.extension:history.extension:productName
  • NLLPatient: extension:nllPopulationRegistered datatype 'code'
  • NLLPatient: data type updated to 'code' in extensions nllMunicipalityCode and nllRegionCode
2022-04-20 NLLDispensePaperPrescription
The attribute meta.profile is no longer marked as "must support". The logic for determening the type of dispense (electronic or based on a paper prescription) now uses the attribute authorizingPrescription instead.
2022-04-13 NLLDispensePaperPrescription MedicationDispense.detectedIssue is marked as "must support". This is for future use only, when support for accepted AFF warnings will be implemented in NLLDispensePaperPrescription as well (now only supported in NLLMedicationDispense)
2022-04-13 NLLMedicationListInfo, extension NLLPrivacyLock Updated faulty cardinality. Extension nllPrivacyLock is not returned in some scenarios.
2022-04-12 NLLMultiDoseDispConsent
A policy is required by FHIR why the Consent.policy element is now populated. Some text fields are updated for clarification. Some elements that are in use were not marked as must support.
2022-04-08 NLLDosage Specification of handled precision for the following numerical values:
2022-04-07 NLLProvenance (and all derived profiles, ie all profiles on Provenance in the current release) Updated a faulty URI to value set provenance-participant-types
2022-03-30 NLLDataLock
All profiles on Basic and MedicationDispense: the meta.profile element is marked with "Must support" as NLL is using the stated profile for determining which type of resource instance is sent in a POST or PUT. This behavior will be updated in release 21.3 and the meta.profile will not be used after that
2022-03-28 NLLProvenance The binding to nll-reason-for-provenance from reason is changed to extensible as a reason.coding is not alwayes required
2022-03-28 NLLStatus An URI within the structured definition used a wrong URI to refer to itself
2022-03-28 NLLMedication Identifier is sliced by system(Value) in the profile. However varunr and nplpackid had no defined code system. It was wrongly specified as a value set binding.
2022-03-28 NLLArticleInfo Removed binding to nll-ucum-unit from strength.quantity
2022-03-28 NLLDispensePaperPrescription Repaired broken link to NLLPractitioner in MedicationDispense.extension:nllPrescriptionDetails.extension:nllPrescriber
2022-03-28 NLLMedicationRequest Removed faulty ValueSet binding in MedicationRequest.dispenseRequest.extension:nllTotalQuantity
2022-03-25 IG pages:
Some search options were missing or wrong in the IG
2022-03-23 NLLDosage Reparation of missing ValueSet binding for Dosage.doseAndRate.dose
2022-03-21 NLLPing
Version 1.0.0 published
2022-03-16 NLLProvenance A new target profile, NLLAccessConsent, is added as target profile for future use
2022-03-15 NLLMultiDoseDispConsent scope.coding.system pointed at a value set when it should point at the code system
2022-03-11 NLLMedicationRequest
The logical id of the resource is now assigned an URI for identification
2022-03-09 nll-edqm-route Value set was not published in Simplifier only via the ValueSet resource
2022-03-09 consent-category-codes New code added (INFA) in preparation for future use
2022-03-09 NLLMultiDoseDispConsent Wrong URI in binding to consent-category-codes
2022-02-28 NLLMedicationRequest The element dispenseRequest.initialFill.quantity.system had a wrong fixed value. The correct value is
2022-02-18 access-types
Updated value sets
2022-02-14 workplace-types New code added INDPRESCRIBER
2022-02-10 NLLConceptMap and NLLValueSet Version 1.0.0 published
2022-02-04 NLLDispatch Version 1.0.0 published.
Bundle.entry.response.location marked as "must support".
Bundle.entry.response.outcome "must support" unmarked.
2022-02-02 NLLPatient,
NLLDetectedIssue and
NLLDispensePaperPrescription with extensions
Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-21 NLLPharmacyLocation Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-21 NLLMultiDoseDispensingBasis with extensions Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-21 NLLMultiDoseDispConsent Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-17 NLLMedicationListInfo with extensions Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-17 NLLProvenance and derived profiles Version 1.0.0 published of NLLProvenance and of all derived Provenance profiles
2022-01-14 NLLMedicationRequest Version 1.0.1 published. Reference to ValueSet in MedicationRequest.dispenseRequest.quantity removed.
2022-01-14 NLLPractitioner with extensions Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-14 NLLDosage Version 1.0.1 published. Updated and simplified profiling of Dosage.timing.repeat.bounds duration and range. Does not affect the structure of the resouce / message. Dependencies to profiles NLLSequenceDuration and NLLSequenceDurationRange removed.
2022-01-13 NLLMedication with extensions Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-12 population-registered-status Alla concepts are changed
2022-01-12 NLLMedicationRequest, NLLMedicationDispense, NLLDosage with extensions Version 1.0.0 published
2022-01-11 NLLDosage Profiling of Dosage.doseAndRate.dose is updated using slicing to make it more readable on Simplifier. This should not affect the structure of the resource/message. The profiles DoseQuantity and DoseQuantityRange have been removed.
2021-12-14 Basic - NLLDatalock Datatype on nllPrescriptionChain is changed to "uuid"
2021-12-03 NLLPractitioner Cardinality errors fixed
2021-11-30 NLLPatient The element active is used
2021-11-26 NLLDispensePaperPrescription Cardinality errors fixed and an element taged as must support
2021-11-23 NLLMedicationRequest Added element dispenseRequest.extension:nllNumberOfDispensesAllowed as a complement to dispenseRequest.numberOfRepeatsAllowed
2021-11-22 workplace-types Code HEALTHCARE is replaced by HEALTHCAREUNIT
2021-11-18 NLLWorkplaceSummary Cardinality errors fixed
2021-11-17 NLLPrintDosePrescriptions Added parameter pharmacyGLN
2021-11-17 gruppforskrivarkod Value set is updated
2021-11-11 Provenance NLLProvenance updated so it is compatible with all scenarios including DataLock (sv Spärr). New provenance profiles added and value set names changed to make documentation easier to understand
2021-11-11 provenance-activity-types New value set containing all activity types for all types of provenances used in the Swedihsh Medication List, ie both activities concering the patient's medications and data locks
2021-11-05 prescriptive-authority-codes Code's code system changed
2021-11-03 NLLPing Parameter pingType is removed
2021-11-01 NLLPatient The code SUBSETTED is added to value set security-labels. The code used in