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NLLMultiDoseDispensingBasis (Basic)

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The profile NLLMultiDoseDispensingBasis is based on the Basic resource. NLLMultiDoseDispensingBasis contains information used as basis for decisions in connection with the production of multi dose dispense bags. Multi-dose medication dispensing means that patients get their medications machine dispensed into one unit for each dose occasion and packed in disposable bags.


nllStatusS I0..1Extension(code)Binding
url1..1System.StringFixed Value
nllUrgentProductionS I0..1Extension(boolean)
nllLastUpdatedS I0..1Extension(dateTime)
systemS Σ0..1uriFixed Value
versionS Σ0..1string
codeS Σ1..1codeFixed Value
subjectS Σ I1..1Reference(NLLPatient)
authorΣ I0..1Reference(Practitioner | PractitionerRole | Patient | RelatedPerson | Organization)

Contained resources

References to other resources are based on contained resources in the following cases.

Element Resource Case
nllProducingPharmacy Location Allways

For more information about references and contained resources see Resources - References.


Description of all elements can be found here, Element descriptions.

Mapping of FHIR element names to the National Medication List names can be found here, Element language mappings.

Supported operations

HTTP methods

Operation Supported Comment
Search (GET, POST) yes See below for supported search options.
Insert (POST) yes Create a new multi dose dispense basis.
Update (PUT) yes Change a multi dose dispense basis.
Delete (DEL) no
Operation (GET, POST) yes See below for supported extended operations.

When interacting with this resource a set of HTTP-headers must be included in the request, see HTTP Header and Authorization.

Query operations

Supported Queries

The following query alternatives are available for this resource.

  1. ../Basic/[id]
  2. ../Basic/[id]/_history
  3. ../Basic?[parameters]
    Parameter chain:

Compartment searches

Supported searches on a compartment. This kind of search returns a bundle with the related resources.

  1. ../Basic/[id]/Provenance returnes all related provenances.

Include & reverse includes

Include and revinclude are not supported by this resource.

For generic information about how to search in FHIR look here.

Search parameters

The table below shows all supported search parameters.

Parameter Description Comment
Basic/[id] A read based on the logical ID (UUID) of a multi dose dispense
_history A vread to get all versions of a dispense
code Type of resource, mandatory
patient._id Logical id of the patient
nllStatus Status of the list (sv: dosunderlag).

Other operations

Operation Comment


URL: [base]/Basic/$getAllInvalid

This operation does NOT change content

Parameters (In)


The producing pharmacy's gln.

Return Values (Out)


The returned Bundle contains Basic resources based on the profile NLLMultiDoseDispensingBasis.

Can be invoked with a HTTP POST or GET. This operation is invoked by a pharmacy producing dose packaged medications. The operation returns a list of all MultiDoseDispensingBasis (sv. Dosunderlag) with status="EJ_GODKAND" (not approved by pharmacist) belonging to patients handled by the invoking pharmacy.