Page Status: updated 2022-02-23


The Basic resource is used for handling concepts not defined in FHIR. In the Swedish National Medication List there are three profiles based on Basic:

  • Data Lock (NLLDataLock) is used by a patient or a practitioner to prevent access to some, or all, information of a MedicationRequest and related MedicationDispenses. There are different types of "data lock" that block access for specific roles or purposes. Data Lock is also used to block access to a patient's paper prescription dispenses (NLLDispensePaperPrescription).

  • Medication List Info (NLLMedicationListInfo) provides aggregated information about a patient's National Medication List.

  • Multi Dose Dispensing Basis (NLLMultiDoseDispensingBasis) contains information used as basis for decisions in connection with the production of multi dose dispense bags.

For more information about the profiles based on the Basic resource see the following pages.