FHIR Interface for SAP Patient Management

NOTE: the FHIR Version SAP_ISH_R4_GEN is no longer supported and replaced by FHIR version SAP_ISH_R4_GV2. See this implementation guide here

This implementation guide describes the use cases and resources of the FHIR Interface for SAP Patient Management from the release EhP8 SP21 (EhP7 SP33) up to EhP8 SP26 (EhP7 SP38) covering FHIR Version SAP_ISH_R4_GEN.

Visit the SAP pages for more details on the SAP Patient Management FHIR interface.

In the section "Integrate" of the SAP Help Portal you can find the following guides (make sure that you select the release you are using):

  • the Integration Guide for Outbound FHIR Messaging
  • the Configuration Guide FHIR Interface for SAP Patient Management
  • the Developer Guide for IS-H FHIR Extensibility.

SAP note 2963681 gives more details on the mapping for SAP Patient Management entities and attributes to FHIR resources and elements.

Here is the link to corresponding the Simplifier project.