Welcome to the Simplifier Profiling Academy!


The Profiling Academy is an online training for FHIR profiling. The learning material consists of instructions, real-world examples and exercises. The Profiling Academy training is available for free to all FHIR profilers. Simplifier users and non-users alike. Learn more about FHIR profiling and start creating profiles today!

Short, digestible training modules

The Profiling Academy consists of short and digestible training modules. Each training module tackles one specific topic. Follow all training modules to learn all the ins and outs of FHIR profiling. Each module provided in this training starts with theory, followed by real-life examples. The modules end with exercises to support active learning. To ensure flawless implementations, the training modules also cover FHIR profiling best practices. Complete all training modules to become a FHIR profiling expert yourself.

Select a training module from the modules menu to learn more about a specific topic. Or click on one of the modules in the table below.


Introduction to FHIR and profiling Search operations and parameters Publishing and validating your work Advanced slicing
Start Profiling SDC and questionnaires Best-Practices Advanced search parameters
Extensions FHIR mapping language Profiling tools Custom constraints
Terminology Logical models Get started with Simplifier FHIR Messaging
Slicing Contained resources Documents


Why learn about FHIR profiling?

FHIR offers a set of standard international base resources. You can customize these FHIR resources to the specific needs of a use case. For instance, create national profiles to enable standardized communication between national healthcare facilities. You can use profiles for standardization at (inter)national, regional and local levels. In this training you will learn how to customize FHIR base resources. Or for the more advanced: how to customize someone else's profile to your needs. Which is what we call FHIR profiling.

Beginner or expert, start learning today!

We created the Profiling Academy for anyone who wants to learn about FHIR profiling. The complete training aims to target all levels of profilers, from beginner to expert. Individual modules may target different experience levels, ranging from basic introduction modules and basis concepts as extensions to the more in-depth ones like advanced slicing or advance search operations. The training offers learning material for: 1. those starting out, 2. those who want to fine tune their FHIR profiling knowledge and 3. experts who want to keep up with the ins and outs of profiling. Experts can use the the Academy as a reference book.

About the authors of this training

The Profiling Academy training is created by a team of FHIR profiling experts. FHIR Profiling experts who have experience with FHIR use cases all over the world. The authors love to share their experiences and knowledge on FHIR profiling. They are happy to discuss them with you. Please feel free to contact one of the authors on the profiling team page.

HL7 FHIR training courses

The Profiling Academy is a free online product of Firely. Our company also offers 1- and 2-day HL7 FHIR training courses as well as in-company training. These provide a great opportunity for discussion about how FHIR can fit into your organisation and its products or services. Please visit our company page to learn more.

Learn and share to create better profiles

We trust sharing knowledge is the way forward. Together we can make bigger steps than alone. That's the power of the FHIR community. And that's why we created the Profiling Academy. But we can also learn from your experiences! Please share your thoughts on our feedback page. So we can improve our training. Expand our knowledge. Help each other to create better profiles.