End-of-life of the Profiling Academy

We created the Profiling Academy as a free online learning environment by Firely for anyone who wants to learn about FHIR profiling. It contained, among other things, best practices at that time (covering the use of FHIR DSTU2 and STU3). However, the Profiling Academy became outdated. We are way into FHIR R4, and FHIR R4B or R5 is at our doorsteps. Upgrading the Profiling Academy with the latest and greatest requires too much of our profiling experts' time. If you are interested in learning FHIR profiling or FHIR in general, please consider our training courses.

HL7 FHIR Training Courses

Firely offers HL7 FHIR training courses on-site or online (both open-class and private). Our training courses have been designed with the implementer in mind. They contain lots of exercises and are guided by a live instructor. Please visit our training pages to learn more about: