NHS Digital FHIR Medicines

This guidance is under active development by NHS Digital and content may be added or updated on a regular basis.


This project is using the profiles shown below.

(Note: GMC Reference Number MUST NOT be used as a Practitioner identifier for interation with the EPS API)

Profiles Maturity
NHSDigital-Claim 0
NHSDigital-CommunicationRequest 0
NHSDigital-HealthcareService 0
UKCore-List 0
NHSDigital-MedicationDispense 0
NHSDigital-MedicationRequest 0
DM-MedicationRequest-Outcome 0
NHSDigital-MessageHeader 0
NHSDigital-Organization 0
NHSDigital-Patient 0
NHSDigital-Provenance 0
NHSDigital-Practitioner 0
NHSDigital-PractitionerRole 0
NHSDigital-Task 0
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